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Maxima Healthcare Ltd is a company that specialises in identifying, developing, and branding over the counter (OTC) healthcare products in both established and  still emerging countries, and in so doing bringing new opportunities to undeveloped markets. No other master licensee has the breadth of knowledge of the OTC market, or the successful track record that we can demonstrate. If you are interested in selling, licensing, or appointing a master distributor for your products in emerging market regions around the world, we are interested to talk to you so please contact us.

About Maxima Healthcare

Maxima Healthcare is an exciting new company established in the UK in January 2011, which brings together the extensive experience and networks developed by its core team over many years. We are participating energetically in the growing market for OTC Medicines and Healthcare products. Strong productive partnerships are a foundation for our success where we are committed to the following core principles:

Product Innovation

Focusing on our category strengths in Pharmaceuticals, OTC and Personal Care we identify growing niche categories which are highly responsive to investment and product innovation.

International Marketing

Using our International Marketing expertise we invest behind our products and develop brand equity to ultimately achieve market leadership.

Global Emerging Market Experts

A strong management team with Blue-Chip experience in managing businesses in Emerging Markets will provide a solid foundation to capitalize on opportunities for growth.

Maxima Healthcare family



An Innovative treatment for Cold Sores with early onset of action. The active ingredient Docosanol with a new and novel compound has a different mode of action to Anti viral compounds that protects healthy cells from viral attack.
Erazaban is classified as an OTC medicine by the Regulatory authorities in the EU.

Product description


Co-Lactase® formula was developed for dietary management of infants with temporary digestive discomfort caused by lactose intolerance in the diet commonly known as infantile colic. The active ingredient: lactase, is an enzyme that helps break down complex sugar (lactose) in milk, dairy products, breast milk and infant formulas, making the feed more easily digestible.

Product description


Atoprotect ® is a range of products developed specially for infants to reduce the severity of Atopic Dermatitis and its symptoms. The range consists of: Capsules containing Lactobacillus casei (0919), Lactobacillus rhamnosus (0908), Lactobacillus rhamnosus (0900) and emollients with antipruritic complex and Lactobacillus sp. metabolites Registration status: Food for Special Medical Purposes/Cosmetics

Product description

Our services


A strong network of local distributors with full local coverage of pharmacy and drugstore channels


High calibre marketing team based in market with cultural insights and language skills


Efficient freight forwarding from mainland European manufacturing sites

Regulatory /QA

Local market regulatory expertise and Pharmacovigilance support

Contact us

If you are interested to partner with our company and become a distributor we would be pleased to hear from you with your proposals.

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