Welcome to the Maxima Healthcare website. Here you will find details of our company and the brands we represent.

Maxima Healthcare Ltd is a new company that specialises in identifying, developing, and branding over the counter (OTC) healthcare products in emerging countries, and in so doing bringing new opportunities to undeveloped markets.

No other master licensee has the breadth of knowledge of the OTC market, or the successful track record that we can demonstrate.If you are interested in selling, licensing, or appointing a master distributor for your products in emerging market regions around the world, we are interested to talk to you so please contact us.

Maxima Healthcare News
NEW colic prevention in Maxima's portfolio

Co-Lactase® is our new dietary food product with special medical purpose developed to naturally support parents in dietary management of infants with temporary digestive discomfort caused by lactose intolerance in the diet. Co-Lactase® in drops works by breaking down the lactose in the baby’s milk before the baby is fed, making the feed more easily digestible.

Launch of a new Dermatological hand balm: A clinically proven formula for very dry skin including skin prone to cracking. It contains natural moisturising qualities of olive oil as well as urea and papaya juice with its gentle exfoliating qualities. The skin-nourishing formulation combines Science with Nature.